New South Spirits

Chaos meets craftsmanship

Artisanal, small-batch spirits is our speciality. In-house distillation is our super power.



Every New South Spirits bottle is made in-house and crafted with pride by our Master Distillation Engineer in Greenville, SC.
Being an Engineer, Todd has customized our stills with proprietary controls that allow us to dial the process from chaos to smooth perfection.
Ingredients are hand-selected, tested, tasted and honed to fit our process. Creating a small batch operation that is simple in procedure yet complex in taste. 
Our recipes boast natural ingredients, robust flavor profiles and zero additives. They are handcrafted to create a spirit that envelopes the palate to wash away the day’s storms.
Small batch processing allows for trials of new and innovative flavor profiles that can be made available on a prototype basis.  Things you can’t do in a large mass production site. 
Artisanal, small batch spirits is our speciality. But, in-house distillation is our superpower.

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